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Afghan Gunmen Storm Sikh Temple Taking Worshipers Hostage

Afghan Gunmen Storm Sikh Temple Taking Worshipers Hostage

Afghan security forces are fighting gunmen who took over Sikh-Hindu temple and holding worshipers hostage. Police say the attack started on Wednesday morning after witnesses reported hearing explosions and gunfire.

Afghan Special Forces sealed off the area and engaged in a gun battle with the gunmen. No one knows the number of casualties in the temple.

‘’People are stuck inside the building and the security forces are trying their best to rescue them.‘’ interior ministry spokesperson Tariq Arian said.

Nearly 150 people are held in the temple as hostage. This concerns him. Also, some families live there which means children could be caught between the crossfire. The gunmen have not made any demands to the police, meaning their intentions for the attack are still unknown.

A Sikh MP in the Afghan parliament, Anarkali Kaur said people were hiding inside the temple with their phones switched off. Therefore the security forces could not get any inside information about what is happening on the inside.

Rebel groups usually emerge to take responsibility for such attacks. But no group has come out yet to say they orchestrated this particular one. This has left authorities with many unanswered questions.

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