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All Public Transport Must Stop, Museveni Orders

All Public Transport Must Stop, Museveni Orders

President Museveni has suspended the use of all public transport means as a way to curb the spread of coronavirus. Right now Uganda has 14 registered cases of coronavirus.

Earlier on, taxis were advised to carry only 8 people, and two people per row. Now since the virus has persisted the president has suspended them for a period of 2 weeks.

He advised that the motorcycle riders should stop carrying people but resort to carrying food. All trucks and trains will work but are to carry food stuffs only. Even the markets are   to sell food and nothing else. This has been so because the president wants most people to stay home.

As for the private cars, they will only carry a maximum of three people including the driver, this applies to family cars too. He said that after this the next thing will be closing of offices.

The President however gave a go ahead to some vehicles because of their undeniable importance to the country.

“Ambulances, vehicles of security forces; army and police, some of the government vehicles doing essential work, garbage trucks will be allowed to move.” Mr Museveni said.

We however don’t know how people will now move to work especially those who don’t have cars and can’t work from home. Even the people working in the transport sector have to now decide new means of making money. The government should work out something for people who have been robbed off their jobs otherwise criminal cases will increase as people try to put food on the table.

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