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Chelsea Striker, Abraham Sidelined Due To Ankle Injury


Chelsea could be in trouble as their striker Tammy Abraham is sidelined due to an ankle injury. It is starting to seem like the position is jinxed because previous players in that same position also faced such injuries prior to big games.

Chelsea fans are still hoping to watch Abraham play against Liverpool in the FA Cup at Stamford Bridge. However, Chelsea’s manager Frank Lampard might not allow him to play with his ongoing ankle problem. And chances are that Abraham’s spot in England too might be missed if he doesn’t get better soon.

This being his first season in the Premier League and his injury recurring for four months, fans are pleased with Abraham’s performance. It would be a shame if he misses out on playing for his country.

Abraham is a player with all the necessary tools to take him to the next level and better his game. At 22 years old, he has plenty of time for improvement and fans can only hope he is back at 100% very soon.

It seems late for him to play in the FA Cup today. Therefore, the team will have to cope without him. Since the England strikers ahead of Abraham are injured, he could be the country’s first choice. But this will only work if he is deemed fit to play.

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