Did The World Health Organization Under Estimate COVID-19?

World Health Organization

Some people have come out to say that the World Health Organization under estimated COVID 19 an thats why we have great effect now. WHO declared coronavirus a global pandemic in March months after China was already struggling with it. By the time it was declared a global concern, deaths were already over 2000 and several people were already infected.

Currently, the virus has spread in over 195 countries. The agency is accused of delaying the declaration because they feared to offend Beijing. Antoine Flahault, head of the institute of Global Health at the University of Geneva wrote in Lancet Medical review accusing WHO of remaining silent and absent in all the pragmatic questions people are raising.

Some people have however praised especially Chief Tedros Adhanon Ghebreyesus for the efforts they have put in to fight against coronavirus. They have instead criticised countries for failing to adhere to advice given by WHO.

The Coronavirus impact is being felt in almost every country, just weeks after the WHO declared it a global pandemic. There is a lock down in almost all countries just to make sure the virus is not further spread.

There is no denying that there is an economic emergency globally because more than 3 billion people can’t work worldwide. Perhaps the World Health Organization could have come out earlier to declare this a global issue. Maybe it wouldn’t be as bad as it is now.

This can also serve as an example for future time. Indeed there is a lot to learn from this outbreak. But of course we can’t down play all efforts WHO has put in to make sure this Virus goes.

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