Flavia Tumusiime’s Love Story In Trouble Weeks After Anniversary

Flavia Tumusiime

NTV’s saucy news anchor Flavia Tumusiime ‘s marriage could be in trouble just after her one year anniversary with husband.

The two got married earlier in 2019 which took everyone by surprise. Well, mostly those that were not close friends to them.

Flavia and Andrew had been rumored in 2018 to be dating after being seen together at different occasions. And later on she announced on live TV that he had proposed to her.

On January 12th, 2020, Flavia Tumusiime ‘s marriage marked one year into their marriage and they shared their happiness with everyone on social media.

Unfortunately, Flavia went on to her Instagram account yesterday and removed posts with her husband Kabura. This could mean anything as reports said her account had been hacked. But she was later on spotted with her wedding ring off.

Since She is pregnant many are left to think that the two are probably just taking a break. But it is possible that something could be happening between the two, something really bad.

Social media is usually the platform many use to express their feelings if they are in no place to talk about them. Clearly, through deleting posts and taking of her wedding ring, Andrew could have done something wrong.

In most cases people quickly jump to conclusions and accuse on of cheating. But hopes are that everything turns out good.

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