Frustrated Athletes Get Response From Olympics Organizers

Frustrated Athletes Get Response From Olympics Organizers

Athletes to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have received a reply from the organizers of the tournament. After many frustrations, the organizers say there is no ideal solution for the outbreak. They were accused of putting the athletes in danger of exposure to the Covid-19.

Olympic champion, Katerina Stefanidi said the international Olympic committee is putting the health of the athletes at risk. Britan’s Katarina Johnson said training had become quite impossible due to the quarantine measures.

“This is an exceptional sitar that requires exceptional solutions. The IOC is committed to finding a solution with the least negative impact for the athletes, while protecting the integrity of the competition and the athlete’s health,” the International Olympics Committee responded in a statement.

The statement further said that there will be no ideal solution in this kind of situation. And this is why the committee is counting on the responsibility and solidarity of the athletes.

Johnson Thompson says the athletes are confused because the IOC says they can train as much as possible for the Olympics. But the government policies restrict them from accessing gyms and public places. Therefore this makes it impossible to keep up with the same routine

Japan’s Prime Minister insists that games go on as planned in July. However, events like the Olympic Torch Handover in Athens have faced disruptions

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