India’s Three-week Lockdown Commences In Fight Against Covid-19

India’s Three-week Lockdown Commences

The three-week lockdown in India has begun as they try to control the spread of the deadly coronavirus. India’s PM, Narendra Modi imposed this lockdown in an attempt to slow down the fast-growing spread.

The restrictions started at midnight local time and will continue for the next 21 days through out India.

‘’There will be a total ban on venturing out of your homes.” Mr. Modi said while he addressed the nation.

He requested people to remain calm and avoid panic but people immediately stormed stores in the capital and other cities. Reports say it is unclear how or if people will be allowed out to go and buy food plus other essentials.

The new measures will see all non-essential businesses closing and all academic institutions will remain shut. But hospitals and other medical facilities will remain fully operational as they were.

Recent increase in coronavirus cases in India triggered the new measures. The country currently has 519 cases recorded and 10 reported deaths. India has now joined a growing list of countries that have imposed similar lockdown measures.

The Prime Minister said anyone who disobeys the new rules will face up to two years in prison and heavy fines.

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