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Italy Puts Strict Lock-down On Coronavirus Stricken Hotspots


To battle the biggest coronavirus outbreak in Europe, Italy has imposed a strict lockdown on virus stricken areas.

The prime minister announced this late Saturday as the virus cases came to 79. Two men died from the virus and the authorities imposed the measures

Towns in the northern region of Lombardy and Veneto are strictly under quarantine. Authorities asked about 50,000 people from these areas to stay home.

It is currently forbidden to enter or leave the outbreak areas if one doesn’t possess special permission. All school and sports activities in the areas suspended. These include Serie A matches due to take place today.

Police and armed forces if need be, will ensure the rules are followed. Authorities fear the virus has already gone beyond the isolated area which will make it hard to contain.

‘The contagiousness of this virus is very strong and pretty virulent,’’ Lombardy’s health chief Giulio Gallera said.

The virus that originated from China in Wuhan city has now crossed to 26 other countries. 1,400 cases and 11 deaths confirmed in Italy.

Chinese authorities reported a decrease in the rate of deaths and new emerging cases. Some 76,392 cases confirmed in china including the 2,348 deaths.

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