Now Is A Good Time To Adapt To Digital Currency

Adapt To Digital Currency

In this period of COVID 19, now would be a very good time to adapt to digital currency. They say every cloud has a silver lining. In as much as the Coronavirus has destabilized a lot of things globally especially economically, new inventions could perhaps be implemented in such a time.

Telecom companies have been trying to encourage people to adapt to the digital currency where things can be purchased without the use of hard cash. Instead, they would use services like mobile money, credit cards, to mention but a few. No one has confirmed yet whether the virus can be transmitted through the exchange of money from a person who has it.

However, people have to be very careful when handling money because indeed money has a lot of germs. The fact that it keeps moving from one hand to another can can easily act as a means of viral transmission. For this matter people were encouraged to embrace hand sanitizers every after holding money to keep away germs.

The brighter side

People could take advantage of this time to adopt to cashless transactions. It has a number of advantages, for example it decreases the amount of cash running through the public. It also increases safety since you don’t
have to worry about how to keep your money. It is simple in its own way, you don’t have to worry about getting fake money as change.

We can take advantage of this pandemic, not just to look at the disadvantages and what we stand to loose. We can also choose to look at what we stand to gain. The standards of hygiene have risen since the day this virus was announced. This is good especially if we can maintain it even after the virus is gone!

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