Police Arrests Four Traders For Hiking Commodity Prices

Police Arrests Three Traders For Hiking Commodity Prices

Police in Koboko has arrested and detained four traders in northern Uganda for hiking prices of commodities. Three of them were Indians while the fourth was a Ugandan trader. Most of the hiked prices were for salt, sugar, beans among others. The police received complaints from customers who accused the traders of taking advantage of COVID I9.

The shops were all locked down immediately. They include, Lila-D-Keshwala enterprise, home brother’s investment and Paul enterprise. In these shops prices of salt had gone up to 3000 from 700, Sugar had gone up to 5000 from 3600, Beans had gone up to 6000 from 3500. These prices are so unjustified and actually exploitative.

Just Yesterday, the President while address in the nation, he had warned traders against hiking commodity prices. Actually he even said he would send out spies to check commodity prices and whoever will be found, will have his license taken away. He didn’t deny the fact that coronavirus indeed has had an effect on the economy, but it is not as a bad as the traders want to make it seem

In some areas of northern Uganda, people are even about to go hungry because of the scarcity of food. They said most of the traders are hoarding food for a time when things have become worse so that they can expensively sell the items.

The government should do something as soon as possible so that people don’t instead due of starvation. Now would be a very good time to implement the maximum price legislation. Any trader who is found going against it is just arrested.

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