Hantavirus Arises As Chinese Man Dies After Testing Positive

New Hantavirus Arise As A Man Dies After Testing Positive

A Chinese man died after testing positive for another virus called the ‘Hantavirus’. This raised questions about the new virus and how it came about. As the world struggles to battle the coronavirus that originated from China, a new one has emerged, still from China. What a hell is going on?

The man died while on his way back to Shandong Province for work. He was on a chartered bus according to reports in China. This prompted other people who were on the bus to test for the virus but their results are not out yet.

Following the man’s death, the Hantavirus immediately became a hit on social media. It scared people thinking it is another COVID-19 ready to cause another pandemic.

Facts show that the Hantavirus is not airborne and those who contract it have come in contact with rodents. Therefore a rodent infestation around homes is a high risk for exposure to the Hantavirus. The Center for Disease Control on its website says that healthy individuals too are at risk if exposed to the virus.

The Hantavirus is not airborne or contagious. It cannot be transmitted from human to human. You can however  contract it if you touch your facial areas after touching rodent droppings, urine or nestings.

The symptoms of Hantavirus are similar to COVID-19 as the late symptoms are shortness of breath and lungs filling up with fluid.

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