Trump Hopes To Defeat The Coronavirus Pandemic By Easter

Trump Hopes To Defeat The Coronavirus Pandemic

The US president, Donald Trump says he hopes to defeat the Coronavirus pandemic by Easter. He said this even after New York’s governor said the illness is spreading faster than a bullet train. Trump told a White House news briefing reopening the US early next month would be a beautiful timeline.

WHO recently warned that the US could become the new pandemic’s global epicenter. This came about as the US records almost 55,000 cases of the infection and 800 deaths due to Covid-19. Globally, over 420,000 cases of the virus are confirmed and the deaths are nearly approaching 19,000.
On Tuesday, Trump said he hoped the country could get back to normal by Easter, which is on 12th April.

‘’We are going to be opening relatively soon. I would love to have the country opened up and just rearing to go by Easter.” Mr. Trump said.

He further warned that unless the country reopens soon for business, it could suffer a massive recession as a result of this Coronavirus pandemic. Mr. Trump said they were seeing light at the end of the tunnel though he couldn’t confirm until there were hard facts.

However, while the president talked of easing restrictions, local leaders nationwide have toughened up controls. This is an attempt to contain the infection before it could get any worse.

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