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Ugandan Government Declines Evacuation Of Her Citizens From China

Ugandan Government

Ugandan government says it will not evacuate its nationals from China after the Coronavirus outbreak. As we speak, 24,324 cases of infection have been registered and the death toll has risen up to 490.

This has caused panic among Ugandans in China some of whom are students. In Wuhan alone, the origin of the virus, there are 70 Ugandan students and 400 more across China.

Dr Crispus Kiyonga said moving Ugandans from China is a dangerous move at this time. Even if the government decided to evacuate them, the flight restrictions in China would make it hard.

If they are not quarantined properly, they might spread the virus across the country and further than that. Therefore the government could be making the right move not evacuating anyone.

China assured that the Ugandans are safe and the outbreak is being contained by any means possible. Students were advised to stay in their Universities.

However, students in China said the embassy had not reached out to them.

I need help, I last got out of the house two weeks ago and I need food and fresh air. I need to come back home. A student at Huazhong University of Science and Technology said.

One student who had secured an air ticket back home was turned down at the airport. Some reported that they were running out of supplies and needed to be evacuated.

The Ugandan government however, deemed these reports wrong because the Chinese government is supplying food and medical stuff.

The Deputy Ambassador Henry Mayega said the Ugandan students are out of harm’s way. Therefore there should be no panic.

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